Time for express care performed by Alkemie!

Time for express care performed by Alkemie!

It happens that we do not have time ⌚️ On a long care and we need immediate effects. 🚀🚀🚀🚀  . At that time, it is worth reaching the express solutions. For such a 10-minute Rapid Relief Mask from the Microbiome series (twin sister known to us well. Overhead mask Dream of Beauty) 😍 Alkemie brand.

https://janiogano.com/.../alkemie-microbiome-rapid-relief-10 ...


This mask is a rescue for irritated, sensitive, allergic, capillaries, for leather after surgery, invasive peeling, wax, retinol, sunbathing ...

It owes its beneficial properties of the mask:

👍extract with berries of Tasman's pepper, which mute the extended capillaries, relieves swelling and irritation,

👍Golden Alga (Sophyeuc laminaria), which not only neutralizes the effects of oxidative stress, but also moisturizes water in the epidermis, has antibacterial properties, stimulates the production of collagen, contributing to the reduction of wrinkles and smoothing the skin,

👍Stem cells made of green carrot, which mute inflammation


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    • Anita Malysz -

      Bardzo się cieszymy, że jest Pani zadowolona z maseczki.

    • Ewelina -

      Polecam maseczkę ;) jest świetna !!!
      Super łagodzi podrażnienia i zaczerwienienia skóry!

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