How to use a Micro-filling tonic, Aha and Like It with other cosmetics?

How to use a Micro-filling tonic, Aha and Like It with other cosmetics?

Tonik Aha, Aha and Like IT, is a micro-filling product with a safe concentration for everyday use. Applying it in everyday care does not contribute to irritation, and visible peeling. This product can be included in the care where preparations with homework acids are used, not exceeding concentrations above 10-15% acids (AHA / BHA). Keep in mind that the use of Toniku AHA, AHA and LIKE IT, acts as a promoter of penetration of active substances - including acids used after skin toning. Thanks to which we strengthen the operation of the used serum / booster / cream - so do not overdo it with% the content of acids in subsequent care steps. If the acids are introduced for the care for the first time, we suggest to start with low concentrations, i.e. from our Toniku AHA, AHA and LIKE IT! Only after a few weeks additionally introduced preparations with higher concentrations (at the beginning, for example, every other day).

A similar situation applies to Niacynamide. You can use in everyday care of a Toniku Aha, Aha and Like IT together with Niacynamide, but it should be remembered that niacinamide in high concentrations (up to 2-3%) causes skin irritation, so you should also enter it starting from the lowest concentration until the skin He adapts to the substance used (with sensitive and delicate surfaces, niacynamide with low concentrations should also be introduced at a frequency every other day). If this tonic is to be introduced to care at the previously used niacinamide - this rule is the same - it should only be introduced when the skin is adapted to use niacynamide and at the beginning of the tonic should appear in care every other day.

When using retinol, caution should be increased. You can also recommend the introduction of care acids in people who use Retinol and its derivatives. Everything depends on what exactly the preparation with retinol is used and about what concentration. Nevertheless, when the skin does not respond to irritation after the use of retinol (tolerance is built), a Tonik AHA, AHA and LIKE IT can be made on days in which Retinol is used. In a situation where the skin is still irritated after the use of retinol preparations, the tonic do not REACT!

All products Alkemie containing WIT C can be combined in care with tonnes - also with a micro-fatty tonic.
The unique WIT C forms used in our products allow it.

When using the products with ascorbic acid products at high concentrations, it should be careful when it comes to a micro-filling tonic. Ascorbic acid itself at concentrations of 10% and higher often causes irritation and skin hypersensitivity, so in such situations, the tonic should be introduced with attention and observation of the skin.

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