Do you know that oils have a broad use in care? You can use them for the care of the whole body, face, hair, hand and feet. They also work well in nail care.
We will probably talk about oils and their use many times 😉
In our offer we have rare and valuable nutrients @Ajeden_mydla oils.
🍏🍎 Apple seed oil absorbs very quickly, leaving the feeling "Fatness". She has a propertiesAnd opposing, it is also excellent in hair care.
❤️Coona's seed oil is recommended for sensitive skin, with a tendency to a pink acne.
🌹Pole poppy seed oil accelerates wound healing, prevents the emergence of blackheads, combats cellulite as well as moisturizes and smoothes the hair.
💐 Puzzle oil oil has amazing antioxidant properties, contains a lot of vitamin C, blood vessels.

To enrich care you can add a few drops of oil to face cream, hair masks, body lotion.

If you want to read about other oils, their properties, use in care, I invite you to familiarize yourself with the entry on the blog "Area of ​​peace", which leads to Celina Struits with us.


Do you use oil in care?


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