Retinol for beginners

Retinol for beginners
Retinol together with its derivatives belongs to the best-tested and strongest substances used in cosmetics.
Its derivatives are also used to treat some diseases and then are prescribed.
Retinol is a multi-purpose substance, used in cosmetics for: reduction of wrinkles, reducing and eliminating deeds and hormonal discoloration, "treatment" of acne, adjusting the operation of sebaceous glands, antioxidant (acting anti-aged).
People who introduce retinol to care or return to its use after a break should comply with a certain discipline.
Retinol very often irritated, which is why the skin must build a tolerance on it. A fairly frequent symptom at the beginning of its use is: there is a peeling leather, a roasting, red, sliding.
Rules for introducing retinol:
1. Retinol concentration should be as low as possible
2. Systematic, gradual entry at intervals 3-4
Days (Applying 1 once a week will not get used to Retinol's skin)
3. Used for the night
4. Necessary cream app with a very high SPF50 filter
5. Apply on well dried skin, a dozen or so minutes after washing
6. Retinol should not use pregnant women
7. Caring for a leather hydrolypid barrier

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